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Latest additions:
Peak Performance 1st and 2nd editions
Dogs Self-Trained
People, Pooches & Problems
Don’t Shoot the Dog!
A Dog & A Dolphin 2.0
How To Raise A Puppy You Can Live With
Give Your Dog A Bone
The Holistic Guide for a Healthy Dog


Clean Run: 1995 to present
The Clicker Journal Collection


“Fix – It”, Contacts & Weaves DVD, Julie Daniels
“Great Dog, Shame about the Handler”, DVD, Greg Derrett
Foundation Training Video, Greg Derrett
Your Athletic Dog: Video & Workbook, Clothier, 1995
Competitive Agility Training (3 videos), Jane Simmons-Moake
1. Obstacles
2. Sequence Training
3. Advanced Skills
Agility is Fun, Ruth Hobday
USDAA 1998 Grand Prix Final Round
1999 USDAA Nationals
1999 FCI tape from Dortmund, Germany